Monday, November 18, 2013

Demi Lovato in NYC

Fresh off a new book release, album release, and currently a judge on "X Factor", I don't know how in the world the kind-hearted Demi Lovato had time to meet me on her recent trip to NYC.  Well she did!  At first, I took a group picture with her inside a office building, but one of my friends couldn't get there in time.  So, her security guard, said it was unlikely my friend could get a picture, so I felt bad.  So, Demi was in the car on a conference call parked outside so I waved to her acknowledging my friend wanted a picture.  Then, Demi rolled down the car window all the way and took a picture with both her and me while also personalizing an autograph out to me which was nice of her.  She was so kind to me and my friend and she was so appreciative of the support and words I said to her.  Even her security guard said he will remember me now and I was like Oh My God!  Rock on Demi and Max the security guard!

Me and Demi Lovato.
Me and Demi Lovato.

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