Monday, October 14, 2013

Sir Ian McKellen in NYC

Last night, actor Sir Ian McKellen was out and about promoting his new show upcoming on Broadway and I guess the upcoming Hobbit film as well.  He told me upon his arrival that he would take a photograph with me on his way out later in the night.  So, as he is about to leave, his assistant was collecting items from others at the venue to get signed by McKellen.  However, for me I just wanted a photograph with the legendary actor so I asked the assistant and he was unsure if McKellen could comply with the time constraints.  So, the assistant after getting the items signed for the others brings me inside the studio to get a photograph with McKellen.  McKellen even positioned us so the photograph would come out crisp clear and took his glasses off for the photo.  He shook my hand and thanked me for my support of his acting.
Actor, Sir Ian McKellen and I.

Orlando Bloom in NYC

Last night, actor Orlando Bloom who currently stars in Broadway's "Romeo and Juliet" was promoting the show in Manhattan.  I went to an event he was going to and I told him how I enjoyed his performance in the show and his security guard allowed me to be the only one who met Bloom which was nice.  Then, his publicist took a photo with me and him.  Rock on Orlando!
Me and Orlando Bloom

James Franco promoting 'Actors Anonymous' in NYC

Last night, mobs of people went to the Strand Book Store in Union Square to catch a glimpse of Academy Award nominated actor and now author, James Franco.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get inside the event, but I waited for him to leave and he took this picture with me.
Me and James Franco

Nick Jonas in NYC

Last night in Manhattan, I caught up with my good pal, Nick Jonas.  Nick was very kind to me after the unfortunate events surrounding the cancellation of his tour.  I told him that he is the man and I will support him with whatever he does, he was glad to hear this.  I went ahead and took this photograph with him.
Me and Nick Jonas

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kyle MacLachlan in NYC

The other day I also bumped into the stat actor from Desperate Housewives, Kyle MacLachlan.  I was like "There's the guy who played Orson in Desperate Housewives" so I went up to him and said "I was a fan of your performance of Orson in DH" and he was completely shocked I wanted a photograph with him so he did take one.  I was like in awe of 2 celebrity encounters at random in one day.
Me and Kyle MacLachlan

Lance Bass in NYC

So the other day, I was walking down Seventh Avenue in New York City and I took a quick glimpse across the street and screamed "THERE'S LANCE BASS" so I ran across the street to meet him.  I made it in time!  He was hailing a cab with a female friend and acknowledged me as I told him I was a big fan of his and how I enjoy his Sirius XM show, Dirty Pop Live.  He was so friendly and appreciative of these words I shared with him.  His friend took the photo and he shook my hand as he went into a cab.  I was on cloud nine considering NSYNC was one of my favorite bands growing up!
Me and Lance Bass

Thursday, October 3, 2013

David Arquette in NYC

The other night, David Arquette was in Manhattan and made sure to stop and take photographs by the few who asked for one even though he was in a rush.  This is what I call a cool person.

Me and David Arquette

Betsy Brandt in NYC

The other day, actress Betsy Brandt was out and about in New York City promoting her new show, "Michael J. Fox Show" and was at the Andy Cohen show.  She was so kind and spoke to the gathering of the few fans waiting outside.  She was very kind!

Me and Betsy Brandt

Throwback Thursday - Backstage at Orphans with Alec Baldwin

So this past spring, my favorite actor and idol, Alec Baldwin was on Broadway in the revival of "Orphans" at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater.  When, I found out Baldwin was coming to Broadway in the previous summer, my money was being saved to see this show as often as I can to support Alec.  That I did as I saw the show 8 times in its limited run.  So usually, Alec never takes pictures with any fans or at any events so I made sure to greet Alec before or after every show I attended.  Since, he is my favorite actor, I even gave him a few gifts as well in appreciation for the great actor.  So one day, he saw me probably after the millionth time, so he said "next time you come to the show I will take a picture with you, come before the show."  So, the following week, I went to the Wednesday matinee and awaited his arrival.  He first went in and told the security guard for the theater to bring me backstage.  He brought me backstage and took a picture with me and thanked me for all my support.  Ever since this, Alec has remembered me and I hope to continue the great relationship.  Alec Baldwin is a great man and a hero of mine for the numerous things he does and advocates for!

Alec Baldwin and I

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Daniel Radcliffe in NYC

Yesterday, I also got to meet one of my favorite actors of all time, Daniel Radcliffe who was promoting his new film, "Kill Your Darlings."  This was my first time ever getting to meet him because when he was on Broadway, there was a stampede of people who waited hours for him.  So, he was filming a television show, once he left, I was the first one he saw and I told him I loved seeing him in "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" so he took a photo with me.  Following, the photo-op, he signed my How to Succeed window card poster and inscribed "To Brian, Love, Daniel Radcliffe" and I guess Dan Rad loves all his fans!  It was truly a dream come true, rock on Dan!
Me and Daniel Radcliffe

Theresa Caputo in NYC

Yesterday, I finally got to meet one of my favorite television stars in the Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo in New York City.  Aside from her interesting talent, I love her unique and uprising personality.  She was so nice to everyone who greeted her and then she saw me and took a photograph with me.  She even took my camera and configured who would take the photo.  She was so kind hearted!

Theresa Caputo and I