Monday, November 25, 2013

Kevin Jonas in NYC

The other night Kevin Jonas returned to New York City after being at an event for the release of XBOX One in LA.  Kevin, as always, was in great, high spirits saying the new console was amazing.  I told him it is on my Christmas wish list, like anybody's.  I also wished him a belated birthday and he was very appreciative of hearing that.  He also signed a few photos I have had and I introduced Kevin to a friend of mine who has been dying to meet him.  Kevin introduced himself very formally as always, may I say, Kevin is always such a great people's person wherever he is.  As always, it is always great to see Kevin as he will always be my favorite Jonas.  Please don't tell Joe and Nick....LOL!

Here I am in two photograph with Kevin Jonas.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mike Tyson in NYC

Last week, I met Mike Tyson at an office building and might I say, I always wind up being the lucky one when it comes to Mike because mainly he knows me at this point.  Mike totally rocks!  Anyways, I had purchased his book, "Undisputed Truth" and he autographed it for me as I was completely happy about this.  Meanwhile, he blew off about 5 (non-fan) autograph hounds and only signed for me.  Then, I took a photo with him before he took off!  Thanks again Mike, as always!

Me and Mike Tyson.

Nick Jonas in Soho

Recently, Nick Jonas was out and about in Soho as he took the time out of his busy day as usual to stop for me and my friend.  I told him how awesome the recent show in Mexico was with him and Joe Jonas and he was completely humble about it.  He then signed a couple of autographs for me and took a picture with me.  Nick is a completely awesome dude!

Me and Nick Jonas.

Peter Max

I had no idea how famed pop artist, Peter Max, would be in person.  Quite frankly, I was shocked by how kind he was and the time he took to meet me.  I first told Peter how stoked I am to check out his new book, "The Universe of Peter Max."  He was very pleased to hear this as I also told him about a former teacher at my old school who passed away in which Peter remembered very well for his unique talents.  May, Rob Potter, rest in peace as he was a great individual!  Peter, then personalized an autograph out to me with "Love" and his famous John Hancock.  Then, I proceeded to take a picture with him as he then shook my hand and told me to have a nice night.  Thank you, Peter Max!

Peter Max and I.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Morgan Spurlock in NYC

Recently, I ran into famed director and star of the documentary "Super Size Me", Morgan Spurlock.  He was very nice and took a picture with me before leaving to his car.

Morgan Spurlock and I.

Mike Tyson Book Promo

Recently, Mike Tyson was back in New York City to promote his new memoir tell-all story, "Undisputed Truth" and the book so far is terrific and is getting many strong reviews.  Mike signed my Undisputed Truth tour book and boxing glove.  Then, he took a selfie photo with me and then asked me to help carry his bags to his car which was beyond awesome.  He also thanked me by saying "Thank you for your support, Brian" and I was on cloud nine from Tyson's words.  He took another picture with me, yes the full body photo.  Mike is truly a great guy and I encourage you all to check out his new book.
Me and Mike Tyson 
Mike Tyson and I

Nick Jonas & Olivia Culpo in Meatpacking District

Recently, Nick Jonas and girlfriend, Olivia Culpo were in the Meatpacking District and I had the chance to see the dynamic duo again.

Olivia Culpo, Nick Jonas, and myself.

Julius Erving Book Signing

Recently, Julius Erving, also known as "Dr. J" was promoting and signing his recent memoir, "Dr. J."  Considering, the book signing didn't allow photos with the famed hall of fame basketball player.  I waited till the conclusion of the signing to score one and I successfully did, even upsetting a security guard, but you have to do what you have to do.  Never take no for answer unless it is from the stars themselves!

Me and Julius Erving.

Mike Tyson in NYC

Recently, Mike Tyson was in New York City, promoting his recent HBO film, "Undisputed Truth" as I met him and as always he is very cool to me.  He always takes time out of his busy schedule to meet me and remembers me as well.  Mike is a great guy and one I always enjoy supporting in his multiple projects he tasks.  He had his publicist take my picture and he also personalized an autograph out to me.  I was on cloud nine from the heavyweight champion.

Me and Mike Tyson

Melissa Joan Hart Book Signing

Recently, famed actress, Melissa Joan Hart was promoting her new memoir, "Melissa Tells All" and on the same evening she took a picture with me.  She was very cool to take a photo with me while also saying hi to my friend who's a big fan in a video as well.  All in all, a win-win for everybody!

Me and Melissa Joan Hart

Stephane Matteau at MSG

A few weeks ago, Stephane Matteau was in attendance at Madison Square Garden to sign autographs and greet fans prior to the New York Rangers' home opener.  He was really cool and down to Earth like I had remembered from previous experiences.

Stephane Matteau and I.

Kevin Jonas in NYC

Within the midst of all the JoBro heat, I did see my good pal, Kevin Jonas who was in great spirits as always when I saw him.  This time, he greeted all 4 fans in attendance, with a smile and hugs which was nice on his part.  Niceness should be a defining word for Kevin Jonas as he is truly one of the best down to Earth, yet kindest individuals you can think of in this industry.  He also gave some words about the future appearances of the band as well.  He also autographed a few items for me as well.  Rock on, Kevin!

Kevin Jonas and I.

Nick Jonas

Usual occurrence I guess you can say for all of the Jonas Brothers, indeed.  I saw Nick Jonas in Manhattan a few weeks back, yet again, as he was out golfing for the day.  He was in good spirits as always as his bandmate and musical director, John Taylor was with him as well.  It was great catching up with John as well!
Me and Nick Jonas.

John Lithgow

John Lithgow was at a local restaurant by me so I jumped at the chance to go meet him.  Well, I am glad I did.  John was very nice as I told him I read his recent childrens' book, he was very appreciative about that which was cool.  He took a picture with me and then personalized an autograph out to me which was awesome.  Thank you John!

John Lithgow and I.

David Tyree & Victor Cruz Signing

Recently at the Roosevelt Field Mall, New York Giants' Super Bowl Champion key star players, David Tyree & Victor Cruz, were on hand to sign autographs and meet fans.  Tyree was a very humble individual and I was very impressed by his modesty.  Cruz was also awesome as always and was funny because he saw me and said "Dude your everywhere, I love it."  It is always nice to see when players are very kind and have a good memory.

Me and David Tyree. 
Victor Cruz and I.

Demi Lovato in NYC

Fresh off a new book release, album release, and currently a judge on "X Factor", I don't know how in the world the kind-hearted Demi Lovato had time to meet me on her recent trip to NYC.  Well she did!  At first, I took a group picture with her inside a office building, but one of my friends couldn't get there in time.  So, her security guard, said it was unlikely my friend could get a picture, so I felt bad.  So, Demi was in the car on a conference call parked outside so I waved to her acknowledging my friend wanted a picture.  Then, Demi rolled down the car window all the way and took a picture with both her and me while also personalizing an autograph out to me which was nice of her.  She was so kind to me and my friend and she was so appreciative of the support and words I said to her.  Even her security guard said he will remember me now and I was like Oh My God!  Rock on Demi and Max the security guard!

Me and Demi Lovato.
Me and Demi Lovato.

Orlando Bloom in NYC

Recently, I went back to the Richard Rodgers Theater to go see Orlando Bloom again to sign an extra playbill and photo I had as he gladly signed both items for me.  The surprising, yet funniest part is he remembered me and was glad to see me again.  That feeling is always so special and he took a picture with me.  Orlando rocks!

Me and Orlando Bloom.

Nick Jonas in NYC

A few weeks back, I saw one of the coolest dudes around, Nick Jonas at a local coffee joint.  He was in a really good mood and was surprised to cross paths which was funny.  I gave him a DVD, in the film, Gran Torino starring Clint Eastwood as he was very appreciative of it.  Then, I had to ask some random person to take the picture of us.

Me and Nick Jonas.

Joe Jonas in NYC

A few weeks ago in the midst of the Jonas Brothers tour cancellation, I did see my good pal, Joe Jonas who was in very high spirits and looking to move forward.  He is truly a great person!

Joe Jonas and I.

Nick Jonas and Olivia Culpo in NYC

A few weeks ago, I caught up with my good pal, Nick Jonas and his sweet, beautiful girlfriend, Olivia Culpo.  They are both truly nice individuals and have lots of success ahead of them down the road.

Me and Nick Jonas.
Olivia Culpo and I.

Paul Shaffer in NYC

Last month, I was in midtown NYC as I bumped into the legendary musician, Paul Shaffer, who participates in the weekly David Letterman show.

Me and Paul Shaffer.

Octavia Spencer Book Signing

Recently, I had the chance to meet Oscar winning actress from "The Help", Octavia Spencer, at a recent book signing where she was signing her new children's book.

Octavia Spencer and I.

Bobby Nystrom Meeting

On October 16, I went to see Billy Joel perform his one night charitable show at the Paramount in Huntington, NY and former New York Islanders legendary star, Bobby Nystrom was in attendance as he took a photo with me and autographed a photo out to me.

Me and Bobby Nystrom.