Saturday, September 28, 2013

Melissa Gorga Book Signing

Last night, I met famed housewife from "The Real Housewives of New Jersey", Melissa Gorga at her book signing as she was signing her new book, "Love Italian Style."  She was very down to Earth and took her time with each fan who went up to her.  She insisted her book is a must read and I will have a nice time reading it.  Heck, there's my homework assignment task.

Melissa Gorga and I.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nick Carter in NYC

Last night, I was really trying to meet Nick Carter again.  At Planet Hollywood, he was getting his hand printed for the collection at the place, but there were so many people there so it was hard to get near Nick.  So then, I went over to the Bravo studio where he was going to be and he took a photo with me and signed two autographs for me.  I went home very happy!
Me and Nick Carter.

Suzanne Somers in NYC

Last night, I also met Suzanne Somers again who was very cheerful to the crowd awaiting her outside the Bravo studios.  She was shamelessly funny as well.
Me and Suzanne Somers.

Malin Akerman in NYC

Last night at the Bravo studios, I also met Malin Akerman who was very kind to the people who asked her pictures and autographs.
Me and Malin Akerman

Lucy Liu in NYC

Last night, I met the famed actress, Lucy Liu at the Bravo studios last night.
Lucy Liu and I.

Andy Cohen in NYC

Last night, I went to the Bravo studio and met the one and only hilarious, Andy Cohen.  He was so nice and very appreciative.  He told me "it was great meeting you," though I have met him in the past, that is still cool.  When, he was taking the picture, the person on the street didn't know how to do it, he said "it is easy, just press down and it works."
Andy Cohen and I.

Cosmopolitan Advertising Week Event

Yesterday, I was invited to a discussion hosted by Cosmopolitan about the current teenaged lifestyle concepts and in attendance was actress Monique Coleman, analyst Chelsea Krost, and Christine Hassler.
Me and Christine Hassler.
Monique Coleman and I.
Chelsea Krost and I.

Suzanne Somers, Ahmad Rashad, Robert Trujilo, Joe & Kevin Jonas in NYC

The other day, I was in midtown and I met Suzanne Somers, Ahmad Rashad, and Robert Trujilo within an hour span by just trying to kill time.  Then later in the evening, I received a phone call that Joe and Kevin Jonas were at the GQ for Gap event so I proceeded over there and caught up with them.  Blanda, Joe's girlfriend, took the picture with me and shook my hand while saying it was good to see me again.
Me and Suzanne Somers.
Me and Ahmad Rashad.
Robert Trujilo and I.
Joe Jonas, myself, and Kevin Jonas.

Nick Carter Book Signing

On Monday, Nick Carter was at the CitiGroup Center's Barnes & Nobles to promote and sign his new book, "Facing The Music and Living to Talk About It" as I had the chance to go out and see him.  I first made sure to be the last one to go up to him at the signing and he personalized the book out to me and I told him how much I was enjoying the book.  Then, I took a photo with him and even though he wasn't allowed to he still did it.  He also remembered me which was cool as well as his security guard.  Powerful impressions are key.  Then, I saw he went into a green room so I waited for him to leave so he autographed my lanyard from his tour and took another photo with me since I was the only one there.  Others were scavenging the store trying to find him, being at the right place at the right time is imperative.
Nick Carter and I after he had signed my book.

Me and Nick Carter as he was leaving the store.

Friday, September 20, 2013

The Jonas Brothers

I just caught up, yes AGAIN, with my good pals, the Jonas Brothers.  However, this time all 3 - Joe, Kevin, and Nick.  I spoke to both Joe and Kevin for a few minutes just catching up on the basics as I also recommended that they go see "The Prisoners" as I told them how good the movie was.  I also gave Kevin a guitar that I had custom designed for him that he absolutely enjoyed.  Following the discussion, Joe took my photo with Kevin and vise versa.  What a win win.  It was also good to see my other pal, Nick who was on a high from the wonderful show in Toronto earlier in the day.
Joe Jonas and I.
Me and Kevin Jonas.
Nick Jonas and I.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Darren Criss

Back in about mid June, I was watching the matinee of the Tony-winning Broadway musical of "Kinky Boots" at the Al Hirschfeld Theater.  I was roaming around the theater during intermission and all of a sudden I saw Darren going to sit down.  So I had a baseball with me so I asked him to sign it and he laughed about it while signing it.  He wrote "Brian - If only I were a ball player" following his signature.  Not only did he sign the ball, but he had remembered meeting me from one previous time.  However, he did not want to take a photo because he didn't want a crowd to come to him so he told me to wait by the side exit doors and he would find me and take a photo with me.  At the end of the show, he sees me waiting and he waved to me while proceeding to come over and he took my camera and took the photo.  I would see Darren two weeks later at his concert and prior to the show he brought me to a area of the venue to autograph a few items for me and take a photo with me since he remembered me.  Darren is one of the nicest guys in the business, yet the most appreciative of his fan base.  
Darren Criss and I.

Joe and Nick Jonas

The other day I caught up with both Joe and Nick Jonas as they were on a cloud nine feel after Nick's 21st birthday celebration.
Nick Jonas, myself, and Joe Jonas

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Billy Crystal

Today, I had the chance to meet the hysterical and creative entertainer, Billy Crystal who was out promoting his new book, "Still Foolin' Em."
Me and Billy Crystal.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Day 2

On Wednesday, I headed back to the festivities for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and met a few more stars.
Here I am with my pals, Kevin and Joe Jonas.

Here I am with singer, CL.

Here I am with rapper, A$AP Rocky.

Here I am with musician, Iggy Azalea.

Here I am with Miss USA, Olivia Culpo. 
Here I am with the sexy model, Nina Agdal.

Here I am with entertainer, Paris Hilton.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Day

Last week, the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week started its festivities in New York City and I had the chance to catch up with a few of the stars.

Here I am with actor, Colton Haynes who was very humble and kind.  He also remembered me from meeting him once previously at a Broadway show he was in attendance which shocked me.

Here I am with actor, Jesse Metcalfe.

Here I am with actress, Jamie Chung.

Here I am with entertainer, Heidi Klum.

Here I am with entertainer, Nick Cannon.

Here I am with my good pals, the Jonas Brothers.
(Kevin, myself, Joe, and Nick)

Here I am with musician, Kevin Jonas.

Here I am with entertainer, Nick Jonas.

Here I am with actress, Bella Thorne.