Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nick Carter Book Signing

On Monday, Nick Carter was at the CitiGroup Center's Barnes & Nobles to promote and sign his new book, "Facing The Music and Living to Talk About It" as I had the chance to go out and see him.  I first made sure to be the last one to go up to him at the signing and he personalized the book out to me and I told him how much I was enjoying the book.  Then, I took a photo with him and even though he wasn't allowed to he still did it.  He also remembered me which was cool as well as his security guard.  Powerful impressions are key.  Then, I saw he went into a green room so I waited for him to leave so he autographed my lanyard from his tour and took another photo with me since I was the only one there.  Others were scavenging the store trying to find him, being at the right place at the right time is imperative.
Nick Carter and I after he had signed my book.

Me and Nick Carter as he was leaving the store.

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