Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Zachary Quinto in NYC

I just had the chance to meet the famed actor, Zachary Quinto.  He was quiet, but made time to stop and take pictures and sign autographs for all the fans outside his show.  I asked him about his Fashion Week experiences this season, and he was in awe by it all.

Me and Zachary Quinto.

Nick Jonas in NYC

He's been non-stop busy between being announced to take part in a UFC fighting sitcom and Demi Lovato's concert tour, I got the chance to catch up with the busy Nick Jonas.  He was in a great mood as I gave him a copy of my book and he was honored to receive it.  

Me and Nick Jonas.

Gerard Butler

I saw a bunch of autograph hounds waiting around a building in Manhattan, as usual, they were very quiet and rude to not just announce who they were waiting for.  So, I just stood around and waited to see who was coming through.  Twenty minutes go by and it's Gerard Butler who is coming out of the car and he signed their autographs.  He then came over and took a picture with me, his publicist was also very kind about it and said she'd make sure it happened while he was signing.

Me and Gerard Butler.

Khloe Kardashian in NYC

It was a very quick moment, but I saw Khloe Kardashian walking towards me so I jumped at the chance to get my picture taken with her.  She had a large entourage and she maneuvered her way over to meet me, which was really cool.

Me and Khloe Kardashian.

Kourtney Kardashian in NYC

Funny story, I accidentally called Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe.  I don't know how I confused the two, but she corrected me and formally introduced herself, as I introduced myself to her.  She was very sweet to me and was glad to hear that I watch her show.

Me and Kourtney Kardashian.

Joe Jonas in NYC

Off a long week of NY Fashion Week, I caught up with my friend, Joe Jonas.  He was in high spirits after the adventurous week and had lots to say on it. He was with his wonderful girlfriend, Blanda, who also had lots of great tales to share.  He took pictures with about 10 people and was really cool, as always about it.

Me and Joe Jonas.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Joe Jonas at Rag & Bone

I was able to catch up with one of the coolest people around, Joe Jonas, after the Rag and Bone fashion show. His publicist wouldn't let him come over to me and he came straight to me.  Fuck that publicist, LOL.  He asked me where my jacket was because it was so cold.  Whenever, I take a photograph I take it off is what I told him.  Joe was very understanding of that.

Me and Joe Jonas.

Joe Jonas

Here I am with my friend, Joe Jonas as he was in coming for Fashion Week.  He was really cool as he took pictures with a few different people.  Joe is always a pleasure to see and he was extremely grateful to get a copy of my book, "A Day in the Life."  He is featured in it, as well.

Me and Joe Jonas.


Following their Pulses tour concert in NY, I was able to meet both Amy and Nick of Karmin.  They were so hospitable and they took pictures with about 30 fans after the show.  

Amy Heidemann, myself, and Nick Noonan.  (Karmin)

China Anne McClain

Recently, I crossed paths with the young and talented Disney actress, China Anne McClain.

Me an China Anne McClain.

Austin Mahone

One of the coolest, yet humblest guys in the industry is Austin Mahone.  He was really cool to me and he now remembers me.  He took pictures with about 20 fans and it was great to see.

Me and Austin Mahone.

Questlove Jenkins

I was in Manhattan and all of sudden I saw the famed member of The Roots, Questlove Jenkins.  He was very cool and he signed an autograph for me, while taking the picture below with me.  He was humble when I told my appreciation for all of his work.

Questlove Jenkins and I.

Robinson Cano

I ran into the famed second baseman, Robinson Cano, in New York City recently and he was utterly cool.  I told him that I will support him on the Mariners and he took a picture with me, while signing an autograph as well.

Me and Robinson Cano.

Chris Daughtry

Chris Daughtry was in town for the Super Bowl and I was able to catch up with him.  He signed a few autographs for me and I gave him a copy of my book, "A Day in the Life."  He is featured in the book. The first photograph didn't come out so he took another one with me.  Chris is a really cool guy and he plans to go on tour to promote, Baptized, his new album.

Chris Daughtry and I.

Fran Drescher in Midtown

Recently, Fran Drescher, was rehearsing in midtown for her role in Broadway's, "Cinderella."  She took a picture with me and was really funny to be around.

Me and Fran Drescher.

Kevin Hart

I was able to catch up with Kevin Hart at a talk show studio again, as he was utterly nice and took pictures with me and somebody else.  He was so cool and he shook my hand.

Kevin Hart and I.

Kevin Hart in Midtown

Who doesn't love, Kevin Hart, these days?  He's everywhere as he was promoting his recent comedy-action film, "Ride Along."  He was really cool as he signed two things for me and took a few pictures with me.  I gave him a copy of my book and he was very appreciative of it.

Kevin Hart and I.
Me and Kevin Hart.

Mo Rocca in NYC

I met the famed morning correspondent from CBS, Mo Rocca, a few weeks back as he was at a talk show in New York City.

Mo Rocca and I.

John Cena

I was outside the London Hotel and I saw the famed wrestler, John Cena coming out.  He stopped and took a picture with me, as he made sure to make time for the few people in the area who met him.

John Cena and I.

Carly Rae Jepsen in NYC

Carly Rae Jepsen was at the Broadway Theater in midtown preparing for her theatrical debut in "Cinderella."  I went over there one day and I had the lovely chance to meet her.  She was such a sweetheart.
Me and Carly Rae Jepsen.
Carly Rae Jepsen and I.

Paul Shaffer in Midtown

I was walking down 53rd Street and I saw Paul Shaffer, the musical director of the Late Show with David Letterman.  He kindly took a picture with me and was really cool/

Me and Paul Shaffer.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz, the famed actress, was recently promoting her new health book, "The Body Book."  I went to her signing and she signed a copy of one for me.

Cameron Diaz and I.

Kevin Jonas

Recently, I caught up with my pal, Kevin Jonas right before his wife gave birth to their newborn, Alena Rose.  I gave Kevin a copy of my book, "A Day in the Life," as he went on to tweet about it, which was really cool.  He took pictures for several different people and it's always great to see K2.

Me and Kevin Jonas.

Daniel Craig at Betrayal

A few weeks back, I met the famed British actor, Daniel Craig whom recently starred on Broadway in "Betrayal."  He only took a picture with me and only signed autographs for the fellow people outside the stage door.  I was on cloud nine about that.
Me and Daniel Craig.

Billy Crystal at 700 Sundays

Right before, the one-man stand up show, 700 Sundays closed on Broadway, I went to go meet the main star, Billy Crystal.  He was very quiet, but made his rounds to take pictures and sign autographs with each fan outside.

Billy Crystal and I.

Nick Jonas in NYC

A few weeks ago, I caught up with one of the most awesomest people around, Nick Jonas, at the Argo Tea in New York City.  He was in high spirits for the previous holiday season, yes I know it is late.  He took pictures with about five fans and went off on the cold, winter day.

Me and Nick Jonas.