Thursday, October 3, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Backstage at Orphans with Alec Baldwin

So this past spring, my favorite actor and idol, Alec Baldwin was on Broadway in the revival of "Orphans" at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater.  When, I found out Baldwin was coming to Broadway in the previous summer, my money was being saved to see this show as often as I can to support Alec.  That I did as I saw the show 8 times in its limited run.  So usually, Alec never takes pictures with any fans or at any events so I made sure to greet Alec before or after every show I attended.  Since, he is my favorite actor, I even gave him a few gifts as well in appreciation for the great actor.  So one day, he saw me probably after the millionth time, so he said "next time you come to the show I will take a picture with you, come before the show."  So, the following week, I went to the Wednesday matinee and awaited his arrival.  He first went in and told the security guard for the theater to bring me backstage.  He brought me backstage and took a picture with me and thanked me for all my support.  Ever since this, Alec has remembered me and I hope to continue the great relationship.  Alec Baldwin is a great man and a hero of mine for the numerous things he does and advocates for!

Alec Baldwin and I

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